Your boss is waiting for you with an anal plug in your ass

When your boss calls you and says you have to go to his office to talk about something very important, it is to make you nervous and it is just what happened to this man. Her boss had called her to come see her.

She is a very attractive woman, she was waiting for him in her office with an anal plug inserted in her ass. First he made him suffer a little, then he already seduced him and it was an enjoyment for the employee, he had played the lottery with his boss, he wanted him to fuck his asshole on the table.

The man had to obey his boss’s orders and if she wanted an anal fuck, that’s what she would have. On top of this, her boss had a very big ass and big well placed tits, tattoos on the body, she was a very hot girl.

Date: May 10, 2020

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