Millionaire rebels Tori Black’s ass

Tori Black has received a call from a millionaire who met in an exhibition of a friend in common who made sculptures and who made one of her where she was totally naked. The millionaire was impressed with the body he had sculpted and wanted to meet the model that inspired it. The friend introduced her to Tori and he loved what he saw. He started seducing her and Tori Black liked what was happening since he was also a very attractive man.

In a few days received a package at home with a set of underwear an anal plug and a note that had written the address of a hotel and a phrase that said, come at 22:00 just with this post.

She just saw the note drenched the panties of the horny that put it and do not hesitate a second to go to the appointment for his love millionaire rempired his ass at the tip of his cock.

Date: February 19, 2019

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