I have sex with a girlfriend who is a zombie

In the middle of a zombie apocalypse a man is left alone. For years he has not seen any person alive and has already lost all hope. The one of all the zombies that has been found has selected the one that less deteriorated and prettier it seemed to be able to have sex with her and thus alleviate a little the loneliness that invades it.

He has her locked up and gives her pieces of dead animals. Once he satisfies his hunger, he ties her up and begins to rub the dick in his face so that the zombie sucks without risk of being bitten.

After sucking his cock he puts her on all fours and begins to penetrate her hard. The zombie likes to be fucked and it calms down as the man gets his cock in her pussy so he keeps giving it until he cums with pleasure inside her.

Date: March 7, 2019