He gets fucked by his half brother for blackmail

This is He gets fucked by his half brother for blackmail, The stepbrother got up early to confirm his suspicions since his stepsister had not gone to sleep that night at home. She had promised him that he would cover her if she came at a prudent hour because what she did not want was to lose the trust her father had in him. She got angry and when she arrived she climbed very carefully to avoid making noise and came to her room.

When he closed the door and turned around he saw his stepbrother looking at her sitting in a chair waiting for an explanation because his father could have told him something and charged him to cover her. She asked for forgiveness, but she also told him it was not that bad. Then he told him he was going to call his madree to see if it was or not so much. She told him not to call her, that she would do anything to keep her from telling, so he told her that he blackmailed her so she would let him fuck.

Date: March 15, 2019

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