Angela White masturbated by Lena Paul

Angela White is a well-known journalist who is also an expert when it comes to folletting. On the other hand, Lena Paul’s slut is a famous erotic masseuse who knows how to make each of her patients enjoy it to the fullest and, most important of all for any businessman, who wants to repeat more than once and more than twice.

Angela White has decided to start her presentation on television today with a report on the work that Lena Paul’s dog does daily as a freelancer and on the special treatment that she gives to all her fixed and new clients. For this, the whore of Angela White does not hesitate to undergo one of the massages of the incredible Lena Paul, without being able to resist in the end the charms of this expert bitch and end up fucking her with her in front of the whole country.

Date: June 7, 2020

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