Alice Green y su madre guardan un secreto

To wake up well this weekend, it could not be in a better way than with a video of HustlerLesbian, with the young Alice Green in the section “Mommy & Me”, in which her mother and she are on the sofa having a conversation of girls, in which her mother tries to find out what she did this weekend and why she didn’t sleep at home.

After a bit of rummaging, Alice Green tells him that she has had sex with a boy, but not to tell her father because he would surely go crazy, so she wants him to tell her everything, and asks him What do you know about sex if you are only 18?

They start talking and her mother tells her that if she wants she can teach her a few things that she surely does not know, so with a little modesty, they begin to eat her mouth until her mother ends up undressing her and the classes begin practices… 😉

Date: April 22, 2021