A lesbian policeman fucks a recluse

Another parody more, this time is the story of a girl who is taken to prison, and there are all kinds of guards. Two girls want to escape prison and for this they seduce one of the police in the area, a busty red and very nasty.

The police themselves enter an inmate’s cell and the action begins. He fucks and masturbates as he wants, sucks her breasts, until he finally puts a belt on a plastic cock and begins to fuck the recluse on the bunk. The prisoner seems to like the situation and tries not to moan too hard not to get caught. Incredible scene in which the police do not stop kissing the inmate very hard, the dominant at all times. The video ends when the police are running, and once she gets dressed, another inmate appears, knocks him out and the two detainees manage to escape.

Date: September 6, 2018